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We are a group of investment professionals who have been working in institutional investing in Fund management, Asset Management, Private Equity and Family Offices for over 25 years.

For many years, we have raised money for and invested in Mid to Large Cap Natural Resource companies. However, in the last couple of years large institutional investors have become more cautious because they can’t deploy enough capital in small public companies, nor do the companies have the liquidity in the stock that they need to trade when they want. So they have walked away from these smaller resource plays and moved further up the value curve – giving more certainty, less risk and smaller but a more assured chance of a return. This has left a funding gap and …. an opportunity.

Many individuals, retail investors, HNWI’s and family offices have realised, like us, that there is money to be made by investing in these Junior Mining Companies because they tend to outperform the main market if you know what you are doing.


We put an investment strategy together with some very clear and specific criteria. We needed company data to validate our plan so we went out looking for it.


We knew that, even more than ever:

In institutional investment, the information about Mid to Large Cap companies is of an extremely high quality and has to be accurate. When we started looking for detailed, accurate information about Junior Mining companies, we set about searching online, meeting brokers, intermediaries, promotors and research analysts.

What we found shocked us. Most of the information in the market is paid for by the companies themselves. Most investors do not know that. Therefore, it's can be extremely biased and only provides the information the company wants to project in the market rather than the information needed to be able to make an intelligent investment decision.

How do you make intelligent and informed investment decisions if the companies and their agents only tell you what they want to hear? The answer is that you can’t.


We thought that if we - with our industry access and knowledge - struggled to find unbiased research, what chance did your average investor have.


Because the internet is the main source of information for most investors, we decided to create an online platform to share our curated, high quality, accurate, intelligent content. We want to give investors informed and intelligent information from which they can make better investment decisions.

Our hope is that by sharing knowledge and insights from fund managers, asset managers, PE and institutional investors with you that we will become a valuable asset in your investment strategy. Our end goal is that we can help retail investors, HNWIs and Family Offices to come together to form Investor Clubs to take advantage of the funding gap in the market and be able to negotiate better terms than you could as an individual.


By building this information platform, we have reminded ourselves of all of the things that are important when investing in public market companies and especially with Natural Resources companies. We now follow our own advice. Last financial year our mining investments returned c.217%

We hope you like what we are trying to build. The purpose is solely to provide better market intelligence, intellect, in-depth detail and insight in a more digestible format for Individuals, Retail Investors, HNWI’s, Family Offices.




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