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FREE in-depth insight into the world of mining and miners

We have created several series of videos for those new to investing and also for the more advanced investor.

Look out for, and subscribe to, the CRUXCast series. We carry out in-depth and detailed interviews with the CEO’s and C-Suite Directors to find out what is actually going on in their company and how they are genuinely trying to create shareholder value. No waffle.

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Some of Europe's best performing Fund Managers, Asset Managers, PE Managers and Institutional Investors share with us their insightful views on investing in Public Markets, in an honest and refreshingly unbiased way.

These professional investors will help you better understand the basics of investing.

They share tips & tricks to help you avoid making the mistakes they did when they started out.

FREE Company Assessments

We carry out in-depth and detailed analysis of Natural Resource companies to find out what is actually going on in their company and how they are genuinely trying to create shareholder value. And then we give you OUR assessment based on the following criteria:

  • The Management
  • Their Finances & their Financeability
  • The Asset
  • Their Public Profile
  • The Corporate Structure & Shareholding
  • Country Risk
  • SWOT Analysis

FREE company scoring and rankings

9 out of 10 natural resource projects fail, usually because management keep making the same mistakes. We save you time and money by identifying the good companies, and the not so good, then grade and rank them.

Free Resources

We have made a lot of our work available to you for FREE.

Why? The longest, most expensive part of analysing investments is working out which companies NOT to invest in. Most of our analysis tells us which companies are, in our opinion, un-investible and not to waste time, money or effort on. It’s important to come up with investment strategies and parameters to quickly discount the bottom half of the companies. You then need a process of whittling down to the few companies that you want to follow. We discuss how to do this in our FREE Educational videos and selection of FREE information below.

We assess the whole of the Natural Resources market, on the TSX, ASX and AIM.







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