Brandon Munro – The Geopolitical Side of Uranium: USA Battles Russian & China

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Crux Investor recently had yet another intriguing conversation with Brandon Munro. He’s the CEO of Bannerman Resources (ASX: BMN).

We have interviewed Munro throughout this uranium bear cycle; his insights have been incredibly useful for investors. Check out his previous interview.

In our latest weekly update with uranium expert, Brandon Munro, we discuss some interesting geopolitical themes.

Uranium investors need to spend time educating themselves about a commodity that is very volatile, very strategic, and very controversial. Munro does a great job of explaining the intricacies of the uranium space, including touching on the fundamental supply-demand war between uranium mining companies and utility companies. A compelling, interesting watch.

We Discuss:

  1. Iran Sanctions Lift: Announcement’s Impact and Possible Workarounds
  2. Russia’s Involvement: Can it Be a Mediator or Will it Have to Choose Sides?
  3. Geopolitical Games and China’s Position
  4. Measures to Speed up US Mining Processes and Manage Strategic Imports: How Will it Impact Uranium Miners?
  5. EIA Uranium Marketing Report’s Numbers: A Shock to the System
  6. Utilities and Junior Uranium Miners: How Long Can They Hold on?
  7. EU Numbers Due: What Should We Expect?
  8. Hope for Uranium Investors
  9. Tiny Update on Bannerman Resources

CLICK HERE to watch the full interview.

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