7 Replies to “RNC Minerals (TSX: RNX): A Strong 2019. Now It’s Time To Make Shareholders Money.”

  1. Great article!! RNC should be sponsoring CRUX and not wasting precious shareholder money on crappy analysts like insidexploration!!

  2. How about an update on the A Zone mining and stoping ? Completely silent on this issue. What is progress since the August CC uproar ? 6 months !!!

    1. We think that until the Maverix Royalty issue is resolved there will be little commentary from RNC Minerals on anything happening at Beta Hunt. Our hope is that negotiations conclude in Q1/20 as it will be in the interests of both companies.

      1. Really interested on any updates on the sorter study. If multiple sorters would be utilized and a general idea of how they would employ them.

        I would also love to know if they have any plans to modify the mill in regards to the iron banded ore and pyritic structures around. Adding a little armour to combat the hard ores.

        Keep up the good work CRUX

        1. Scott, thanks for the suggestions. We will be sure to get in to that with him when we nex talk with him. How’s the new guy doing in your opinion?

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