USA, New Jersey, Jersey City, Businesswoman in front of computer, looking tired.


(1) The state of being totally bored

(2) The study of a topic digitally

A Wild Week

I’ve seen some hilarious videos on social media over the course of the last week. The Italian pianist entertaining his neighbours from his balcony is my favourite so far.

As the coronavirus continues to dominate the news and the attention of our governments, many people are bored out of their minds in their state of isolation and are resorting to going online in search of distraction.

The government’s ‘social distancing’ request is being embraced by many and being ignored by an unthinking and reckless few.

Social Distancing

However, social distancing is what I’ve managed to do effortlessly with my mobile phone and tablet for so long I was getting good at it.

So, if you are anything like me right now, you are sitting on your sofa in your house reading this. You probably still have your morning coffee on your table staring at you, cold and like everything around you, static. There is nothing less inspiring than a cold coffee. You know that you need to take it to the kitchen and put it in the dishwasher, but given the lack of things to do, maybe save that for later. It’s not like you have to be anywhere…

A Still World – Get Online!

In this stationary world, it would be all too easy to slide into a holding pattern, putting decision making on the back burner. Looking out your window at an empty road may reinforce this mood. A still world creates a mob mentality: why bother moving when nobody else is? However, the reality is that the world of opportunity is right now, and it is all accessible online.

Crux Investor knows all too well about going digital. We can be at the office in London in the evening, interviewing an Australian CEO in the morning. We buy and sell shares on exchanges around the world, and we invest in mining companies with assets in countries many would struggle to pick out on a map. We have access to all the information we need, both via our own sources, and online media (not the fake news kind). There is very little we can achieve physically that we can’t achieve digitally. In reality, on a normal working day, in a non-COVID-19 world, we spend hours of it in an office, staring at a computer screen anyway. Has our daily working routine really changed that much? No. The only real difference is that, at present, some supply chains are disrupted, some demand is curtailed, and investor sentiment has been flushed down the toilet. A violent bear market takes no prisoners. I’m not enjoying not being able to buy any bread either…

Volatility is a perfectly good reason for nervous investors to steer clear; after all, why take an unnecessary risk? However, volatility brings with it an immense opportunity to experience some of the biggest returns in your investment career. Investors might feel they lack the knowledge to navigate volatile markets. However, it’s not like you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands to learn how…

Crux Investor is going to keep the content streaming out, so if you’d rather do something productive with your time, now is the moment to change your mindset: become digitally minded. On our website, you will find in-depth interviews, articles, company profiles, opinion pieces, podcasts and transcriptions. All our content should help turn the next few months from coma-inducing into profit-inducing.

It’s time to take advantage of your free time, even if you just use the time to learn and monitor rather than to invest.

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USA, New Jersey, Jersey City, Businesswoman in front of computer, looking tired.