Cobalt Blue Holdings (ASX: COB) - That it's time we're aware

Matthew Gordon,
Ptolemy Capital


A conversation with Joe Kaderavek, CEO of Cobalt Blue Holdings (ASX: COB). Following on from our conversation with Joe Kaderavek a few weeks ago, just out of surgery that moring, he tells us about Cobalt Blue Holdings and how the intend to find their place in the Cobalt market. Kaderavek is ex- Deutsche bank financier, head of resources, and is all too aware of project like this get funded and what they need in place to get it. We were impressed by his acumen, understanding of the market and the ability to articulate their business plan. And they continue to deliver on-time and on-schedule. Cobalt Blue Holdings is a relatively advanced project. They have a pilot plant underway which is financed. Formed in 2016. Listed in 2017. Their Broken Hill project is main focus. It is a large but low-grade project. The management teams believes that if they can make this a sulphide project they can keep their capital costs low. 90% recovery and sulphur as by-product. Maybe they have something. The pilot plant is going to allow them to show the technical merit and more important that the economics of the project stand up.

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